Honest, innovative and always energetic, Daniel fills rooms and takes his audience on an emotional ride of tears to laughter with his empowering presentations.   

Male audiences resonate with Daniel’s keynote talk, Behind the Sexual Armour of the 21st Century Male. Daniel skillfully deconstructs many of the socialized myths that have shaped men’s masculinity for generations. With his probing and irreverent question, “Why is the measure of a man’s masculinity equal to the sum of the girth, length, and longevity of his erection?” Daniel brings audiences to their feet with laughter and chants of , “YAH… WHY!?”                                As he facilitates a deeper conversation, he creates a space for audiences to find strength in vulnerability from which a new paradigm of the New Modern Masculine can emerge.

Couples love Daniel’s signature talk “Beyond the Little Blue Pill” as he dives deep into his life of suffering from erectile dysfunction. As a happily married man for over 20 years, Daniel holds nothing back as he shares all the various treatments he has tried, ultimately ending with a penile implant surgery. Both men and women are treated to his insights and gain first-hand knowledge on how to love and communicate while living with E.D.

Whether leading a workshop, giving a keynote or as a media guest expert on a podcast, radio or TV, Daniel’s wit and his deep sense of purpose shines through as he delivers truly transformative tools.