Anatomy failure during intimacy is the #1 fear terrorizing most
men, but he’ll never tell you…
i’m not joking!

Here are five insightful “ahas” you should know about your man
and how he feels about his manhood and intimacy.


  • No matter how studly he was yesterday,
    there is anxiety about performing today. 
  • Society has ingrained that his sexual prowess
    is a huge measure of his masculinity. 
  • His penis is a best friend and a worst enemy
    because Mr. Happy can’t fake it! 
  • He has failed as a man if he did not achieve
    an erection with you. He has let you down, literally. 
  • Though the words may never have been spoken,
    he fears you have felt that too. 


MMM-Ladies lounge CTA

Pssst… I have awesome news!
What just happened or didn’t happen… likely had nothing to do with you. It wasn’t about how you looked or acted or performed. Communication is the key. You can be his hero by accessing Daniel’s useful guide, the LANGUAGE LINKS.



The compassionate guide for men and women on what to say and do in the moment, so that passion prevails. Intimate communication is a gift that truly keeps on giving.