I’m not talking about working out five days a week at the gym or trying to fuel yourself on the Atkins, Paleo or some other new age nutrition plan. I want to reach you right where you are, right now.                                                         WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU WENT TO A PROPERLY TRAINED E.D. SPECIALIST FOR AN ASSESSMENT?  

MMM-Manly Numbers CTA


Are you one of those men that are more in love with your car than you are your own health?

You probably know your car’s tire pressure high and low levels or your engine oil levels looking at the dip stick under your hood… likewise, you should learn and know your Manly Numbers including their specific high and low levels. Just like your car, if your Manly Numbers are off you do not perform at 100%. And that could be only a part of your E.D. issues. A thorough assessment performed by a sexual medicine specialist is the only way to go!

Don’t be an idiot! Nut up and go see a sexual medicine specialist… seriously!! Two of the three major causes of low libido and erectile dysfunction can be easily diagnosed and treated, starting with a thorough medical evaluation. A part of your examination will incorporate simple blood tests that include checking your manly hormones levels. Testosterone, Thyroid hormones T4,T3, Estradiol and Prolactin, just to name a few. I have coined these six specifically as your “Manly Numbers”. But keep in mind, There’s more to properly diagnosing E.D. than just a blood test.



A rectal exam is a first step in diagnosing prostate cancer.


A good doctor will be happy to show you your blood test results and teach you about your Manly Numbers. There’s even a high/low chart on the same piece of paper, next to your results, telling you what the perfect and not-so-perfect levels are. You don’t need a medical degree to understand it! Here’s a sample of blood test results.  Here is an example of an actual blood test results print out. It is not a complete panel but it does show some of my numbers back in 2010.


My Testosterone level was only 223! Dr. Goldstein started me on Testosterone treatments immediately. Within three weeks, my T-number was up in the mid 400’s and I began feeling like a man again, energetic, virile and alive!

So to my point, are you the knucklehead that drives your car endlessly until it breaks down and leaves you stranded on the side of the road? I didn’t think so. I am sure you get your “baby” maintained on a regular basis, so she won’t let you down. Treat your manliness and your health with the same love and respect. THAT is the beginning of being a Modern Masculine Male!

For more insight on your “Manly Numbers” and much much more, tune into my Broken Boner Radio Episode #505 with Sexual Medicine expert Dr. Goldstein.

Keep it real,