No stranger to erectile dysfunction and the havoc it can wreak on mind, body and soul, Daniel’s transparent, entertaining and sometimes irreverent wit sets the stage for his ground breaking podcast, Broken Boner Radio.

Podcast Host

Episodes are designed to crack open the dialogue about erectile dysfunction, educate the listeners (men and women) and begin the psychological and emotional healing. Daniel’s unique formula utilizes  a mix of a little insightful laughter and empowering knowledge from experts in the field. Featured guests range from men who suffer various forms of ED to men with no erectile dysfunction at all, but are addicted to using performance enhancing drugs like Viagra and Cialis. Sexual Medicine experts such as Dr. Irwin Goldstein make regular house calls on the show. Broken Boner Radio is a must listen for anyone touched by this dreaded and deeply misunderstood condition.


Honest, innovative and always energetic, Daniel fills rooms and takes his audience on an emotional ride of tears to laughter with his empowering presentations.


Male audiences resonate with Daniel’s keynote talk, Behind the Sexual Armour of the 21st Century Male. Daniel skillfully deconstructs many of the socialized myths that have shaped men’s masculinity for generations. With his probing and irreverent question, “Why is the measure of a man’s masculinity equal to the sum of the girth, length, and longevity of his erection?” Daniel brings audiences to their feet with laughter and chants of , “YAH… WHY!?” As he facilitates a deeper conversation, he creates a space for audiences to find strength in vulnerability from which a new paradigm of the New Modern Masculine can emerge.
Couples love Daniel’s signature talk “Beyond the Little Blue Pill” as he dives deep into his life of suffering from erectile dysfunction. As a happily married man for over 20 years, Daniel holds nothing back as he shares all the various treatments he has tried, ultimately ending with a penile implant surgery. Both men and women are treated to his insights and gain first-hand knowledge on how to love and communicate while living with E.D.
Whether leading a workshop, giving a keynote or as a media guest expert on a podcast, radio or TV, Daniel’s wit and his deep sense of purpose shines through as he delivers truly transformative tools.


Daniel has a dream of shaking up the world on it’s view of what truly represents masculinity in a man. As a lifelong sufferer of erectile dysfunction Daniel knows all too well our society’s overemphasis placed on a man’s sexual prowess.


Over 30 million men in America suffer some form of E.D. Are these men less than masculine? Society’s long-standing definition of what is truly masculine needs to be reshaped. Daniel’s vision of leading The Modern Masculine Now movement will teach and empower men to stand in their own truth, provide the action-step tools needed to feel safe to lay down their shields, get vulnerable and begin the process of defining their own unique brand of masculinity.
The trusting, vulnerable and  empowered man is the definition of the sexy new Modern Masculine.

Canfield Final 4x6 golf

Ask Daniel what is core to him and he will tell you the foundation of his passion and purpose in this life is his love for his wife Stacey and his three young adult sons, Ryan, Sean and Cory. Some of Daniel’s favorite family time is playing golf.

Family Man

All accomplished golfers…umm, well Stacey has the fashionable golf attire, but the boys regularly compete in charity golf tournaments and are fondly known as Team Skittles. Clad in colorful golf shirts, Daniel proudly refers to his clan as The perfect foursome.” Sometimes Stacey will ride along to enjoy the competitive family banter and provide moral support. Daniel always raised his sons with a code of compassionate transparency. No topic was ever too difficult or embarrassing to discuss…including talks about erectile dysfunction.

bike surprise

Daniel’s “Happy place” is the boardwalk in Pacific Beach. And his favorite activity on earth is when he can get his family and friends together for an epic pub peddle. The ocean serves as calm, inspiration, vision, clarity and endless possibilities. Oh! And let’s not forget the majestic background for some serious sipping of fine tequila.